Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 1 Game in Just Three Words

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 1 Game in Just Three Words (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Packers at Bears: "RODGERS HAS A DEFENSE. Not since the Super Bowl has Green Bay had this many elite defenders."

Rams at Panthers: "CAN'T TRUST CAM. Cam will give you four or five great throws in a game but can't string together 9 and 10-play drives."

Eagles at Redskins: "WENTZ'S NEW WEAPON. Desean Jackson is finally a home run perimeter weapon for Carson Wentz."

Bills at Jets: "TO BE DETERMINED. I think they're both better and this game could have gone either way."

Falcons at Vikings: "KIRK WAS THERE? You talk about a franchise limiting the exposure of a quarterback, Cousins was only 8 for 10."

Ravens at Dolphins: "HE CAN THROW! We were going to do three words on the Dolphins but you can't use those words on American television."

Chiefs at Jaguars: "MAYBE EVEN BETTER? I never bought into Patrick Mahomes peaking. So, Andy Reid just forgot how to develop plays??"

Titans at Browns: "FREDDIE KITCHENS NIGHTMARE. "18 penalties, player kicking another player in the head, this is not all on Baker Mayfield."

Colts at Chargers: "MELVIN GORDON WHO? The Chargers are now 5-0 without Melvin Gordon."

Bengals at Seahawks: "WAY TOO CLOSE. AJ Green didn't even play, why was this so close??"

49ers at Bucs: "THREE PICK SIXES. They should have put up an FCC warning for this game, this was awful."

Giants at Cowboys: "PAY HIM ALREADY. You know you're going to pay Dak Prescott, so what are you waiting for?"

Lions at Cardinals: "JUST A TIE. Let's not go crazy, Kyler Murray was not good early and had a bunch of balls batted down early."

Steelers at Patriots: "THAT WAS FRIGHTENING. This is New England's best defense in a decade and that team is absolutely loaded."