Doug Gottlieb Says Odell Beckham Jr. Cares More About Watches than Wins

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
Doug Gottlieb: “When people say football is a team game, they mean football is the ultimate ‘DISCIPLINE’ game… The watch isn’t the worst thing in the world, it just shows a poor amount of decision making; that’s it’s about getting a watch deal and looking cool. Do you know what ‘looks cool’? WINNING. Let’s just be honest, NFL guys wearing jewelry on the field is kind of dumb. Wearing jewelry during an NFL game to make some statement about how much money you have is a part of the culture I just can’t get down with, don’t understand, and don’t get. It’s so ‘LOOK AT ME’. For however many seconds it took you decide what jewelry you were going to wear, to pack it in your bag, to put it on and make sure it’s not going to be pulled off by a defender, could have been time spent napping, relaxing, or getting ready for a football game. It is a complete and total time waster. He cares more about how he looks than how he plays.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Odell Beckham Jr’s love affair with a Richard Mille watch has become one of the dumbest NFL storylines of the early season, as not only did Beckham make headlines for wearing a $190,000 watch during their Week 1 blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans, but he’s vowing to wear it again during Week 2 despite league rules arguing otherwise.

It was revealed that Beckham didn’t even have a sponsorship deal with the watch company, and that he was wearing it completely on his own accord. He issued a statement saying the story would be a non-issue if it was another player.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb details why he thinks Odell cares more about watches than wins, and explains why the time it took to buy the jewelry, pack the jewelry, and put on the jewelry was time wasted that could have been used on football related activities.

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