NFL Should Punish Antonio Brown For Sabotaging His Way Off the Raiders

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders
Jason Smith: “Doesn’t the NFL have to look into this? You just watched a player insubordinate his way off a team and immediately get to a destination that he much rather preferred. This shows if you’re a star player, you can insubordinate yourself off a team and be rewarded right away by going to a team you wanted to go to. If you get released for insubordination you should be barred from signing with a team for a certain amount of games. What’s going to stop Le’Veon Bell doing this to the Jets?” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he believes the NFL needs to step in and set a precedent on player movement guidelines a week after former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown triggered an outrageous sequence of events that got him released by the Raiders and picked up by the New England Patriots just hours later.

Brown reportedly used social media consultants to advise him on stunts he could pull that would accelerate a complete fracture with the Raiders, and get him released before the season would begin.

Smith thinks this is a scary scenario for the NFL in this modern age of social media, where star players disgruntled with their current franchises could look to third parties for help getting thrown off their team, with a better team waiting in the wings to sign them.

Check out the audio below as Smith details why the trick AB pulled should be met with steeper penalties.

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