Why the Packers, Not the Patriots, Are the NFL's Best Team

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Rob Parkers' Power Rankings After Week 1 (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

5. Kansas City Chiefs: “Don’t buy into their 40-26 win over Jacksonville. The Jaguars are awful and lost their quarterback in the first quarter. That shouldn’t even count as a win. That’s such a false narrative thinking the Chiefs did something special.”

4. Philadelphia Eagles: “If you’re an Eagles fan you gotta feel great about where Carson Wentz and the Eagles are after they came charging back against the Redskins.”

3. New England Patriots: “They played the awful Steelers missing Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. They gave everyone a false narrative saying ‘This was addition by subtraction’… NO IT’S NOT. They look terrible and Big Ben looked terrible.”

2. Minnesota Vikings: “The Vikings did something I didn’t think they would do versus the Falcons and I like where they are.”

1. Green Bay Packers: “Believe the hype! The Packers have a defense! The Packers went into Chicago and gave up a three spot. That was incredible. Let’s be honest; they ‘fixed’ the defense in the offseason, bolstered it in the Draft and spent money on free agents. This was not a fluke. They are the number one team in my power rankings.”

Chris Broussard: “My god, this list is atrocious!!”

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