Rob Parker: "Eli Manning is a Better 'Big Game' Quarterback Than Tom Brady"

New York Giants v New England Patriots
Rob Parker: “It’s funny. People say that Eli Manning is a bum, but Tom Brady is the GOAT. Yet, Eli beat Brady and Patriots TWICE in the Super Bowl. Eli – not anyone else – won the Super Bowl MVP in both games with throws Brady wishes he could make. In a BIG game, I’d take Eli over Brady any day. Brady has never led the Patriots down the field to score a touchdown to win a Super Bowl. The ‘highlight’ of Tom Brady’s career were Adam Vinatieri field goals. Brady was given Super Bowls when other teams IMPLODED, like when Carolina kicked the ball out of bounds, when Seattle doesn’t run the ball from the 1, and when Atlanta from the 22-yard line doesn’t go for a field goal. I’m not saying Brady isn’t a great a player, but let’s dissect this. When you take the lipstick, makeup, and wig off, it’s not as pretty as you think it is.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he believes New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is a better ‘Big Game’ quarterback than New England Patriots legend Tom Brady.

With the Giants naming Daniel Jones their starter for Week 3 and potentially putting Manning’s career at a crossroads, many around the league have begun compiling Eli’s accomplishments and trying to put a label and categorization on what type of legacy he will leave behind.

Manning memorably won two Super Bowls at Brady’s expense, with one of them emphatically denying a previously undefeated Patriots team its place in history as the greatest football team of all time.

Rob has long said Brady is the ‘LUCKIEST OF ALL TIME’ (LOAT) and says the biggest moments in the Patriots dynasty were either field goals by kicker Adam Vinatieri or choke jobs from their opponents in the Super Bowl.

Check out the rant below as Parker details why Eli was more clutch than Brady when it really mattered.


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