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Bill Belichick Ditches Presser After Seven Straight Antonio Brown Questions

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is tired of answering questions about Antonio Brown's off-the-field issues. He started his Friday (September 20) press conference by telling the press that he only wanted to answer questions about football and the Patriots' next game against the New York Jets.

"I know there are questions about Antonio. We take all the situations with our team very seriously,"Belichick said. "There are some things that we're looking into, but I'm not going to have any comment on any of the off-the-field situations or questions on that. Anything on football, I'm happy to answer."

That didn't stop reporters from asking Belichick seven questions about the embattled wide receiver. After the sixth question, he clearly had enough and told the reporters to ask him questions about football. When the next reporter asked another question about Brown, Belichick put an abrupt end to the press conference.

"I'm good. Thank you," Belichick said as he walked away.

Photo: Getty Images