Redskins Coaching Staff Reportedly Did Not Want to Draft Dwayne Haskins

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

Rich Eisen: “Are you surprised that Dwayne Haskins hasn’t even gotten a sniff yet to the point where Case Keenum is in a walking boot and Jay Gruden STILL won’t say if Haskins is the starter this week?”
Joel Klatt: "I’ve dug around and tried to get a sense of what’s going on there and I have pretty good intel that the coaching staff was never really on board with the selection and it was more of a front office selection. There is a rift right now of who the front office wants to play and who the coaching staff wants to play. That’s not a good situation right now in Washington. They’re not on the same page. They never though Dwayne was going to be available so the situation was not thoroughly vetted some of the decision makers and the coaching staff. So once the Daniel Jones pick happened, It kind of threw everything into motion and one side started saying 'This is great! We never thought he was going to be available and now we can take him!' and the other side was saying 'Well, we didn't want him anyways.'" (Full Interview at Bottom of Page)

Fox Sports college football analyst and commentator Joel Klatt joined The Rich Eisen Show on Friday, and dropped some pretty big revelations into the ongoing mess at quarterback with the Washington Redskins.

Despite Washington starting the season 0-3 and appearing like one of the league’s worst teams in a surely doomed season, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has been extremely reluctant to talk about rookie Dwayne Haskins replacing perpetually pedestrian veteran stop-gap starter Case Keenum.

Joel told Rich Eisen that there is a major rift going on between the Redskins coaching staff and the front office regarding the quarterback position, as Klatt says members of the coaching staff had never endorsed the drafting of Haskins at no. 15 overall, and that that was strictly a move done by the front office. Klatt says the team never expected Haskins to be available at 15 and hadn't done legitimate vetting of a player they figured was going in the Top 10.

Klatt says the Redskins, and the rest of the league for that matter, figured that Haskins was going to go no. 6 to the New York Giants, who shockingly selected Daniel Jones instead. When pick 15 came around and Haskins was still on the board, that's when the Redskins brass jumped the gun on Haskins, despite the coaching staff having remained uninterested.

Check out the interview below as Klatt details the possible reasons why Haskins isn’t getting his opportunity yet, as it's starting to become one of the NFL's most puzzling storyline.

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