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Doug Gottlieb Rips Gavin Newsom & LeBron James After California Bill Passes

Doug Gottlieb: “Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, said these athletes don’t get anything for playing in college… That is complete BS, and the idea that the Governor of California would utter this mistruth and flat-out LIE is embarrassing. It’s like we’ve completely forgotten that Felicity Huffman, even though she’s only going to jail for like a week and a half, is going to jail because she paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for what all of us, as a former college student athlete, got for free. LeBron James has come out vociferously demanding that college athletes get paid for their name and likeness…If this is the beginning of the end of college athletics, remember, today was the day and LeBron is responsible.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast California Governor Gavin Newsom and NBA superstar LeBron James the same day as the state passed a ground-breaking new bill that will allow NCAA athletes at public and private universities within the state to receive endorsement deals while still enrolled in college… A revised regulation previously unseen in college sports.

Newsom believes this legislation will set the tone for other states to adopt similar bills, with the revised regulations eventually becoming standard precedent in every state.

Gottlieb takes real offense to LeBron and Newsom acting like college athletes are simply indentured servants, as Gottlieb, a former D-1 basketball player at Oklahoma State, says his opportunity to play basketball at Oklahoma State is the biggest reason why he’s elevated himself in the media. Gottlieb says the same thing rings true for countless other individuals who used their experiences and connections playing sports in college to better their careers... Not to mention earning a degree.

Gottlieb, half-jokingly, pointed out that Felicity Huffman is getting sent to prison for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for her daughter to be enrolled at a prominent university like USC, yet Newsom and LeBron are acting like the whole idea of college for an athlete is worthless.

Check out the audio below as Doug says today could be the death of college athletics, and LeBron will be left in its wake holding up the match.

Doug Gottlieb Rips Gavin Newsom & LeBron James After California Bill Passes