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Lamar Jackson Has Been Exposed and Will Continue to Struggle

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Doug Gottlieb: “What wins in this league is accuracy and that’s what Lamar Jackson does the worst. It's just who he is. He got exposed and will continue to get exposed. When you play teams like the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals, you’re going to look legit.” (Full Audio at Bottom of the Page).

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he was never jumping on the Lamar Jackson bandwagon when the 22-year-old sprinted out of the gates in 2019 with two games versus the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals.

Jackson was the talk of the league after throwing for seven touchdowns and not turning the ball over a single time versus two teams we now realize are historically bad, and has come falling back down to earth the last two weeks in consecutive losses.

Gottlieb says Jackson lacks the pocket presence that quarterbacks must have in accurately throwing the ball to downfield targets farther than simple ‘dink and dunk’ plays, and says opposing defenses are beginning to expose Jackson when they simply force him to throw over the top of the defense.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb details why Jackson was EXPOSED and why he thinks these losses will continue.

Lamar Jackson Has Been Exposed and Will Continue to Struggle