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LeBron James is Destroying College Sports

Doug Gottlieb: “Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, said these athletes don’t get anything for playing in college… That is complete BS, and the idea that the Governor of California would utter this mistruth and flat-out LIE is embarrassing. It’s like we’ve completely forgotten that Felicity Huffman, even though she’s only going to jail for like a week and a half, is going to jail because she paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for what all of us, as a former college student athlete, got for free. LeBron James has come out vociferously demanding that college athletes get paid for their name and likeness…If this is the beginning of the end of college athletics, remember, today was the day and LeBron is responsible.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast California Governor Gavin Newsom and LeBron James for their highly publicized roles in passing the state’s new bill that would allow college athletes at public and private schools within the state to accept endorsement deals while still remaining eligible.

Newsom even went so far to literally sign the bill on LeBron’s HBO barber shop show, further putting a stamp on the immense publicity the legislation has garnered in an uncertain and divisive era for the NCAA.

Gottlieb has a problem with some of the comments Newsom and LeBron have made concerning the seemingly pointless role college plays in these athletes' lives, as they’ve repeatedly made allusions to collegiate athletes playing for nothing while getting milked of their talents by their schools.

Gottlieb vehemently shuts down a narrative that he calls ‘complete BS’ as Doug gets heated for the ‘flat-out lies’ that Newsom was throwing out on LeBron’s show. Gottlieb was a former Oklahoma State Cowboys point guard and once the led the nation in assists. He says he would not be where he is today if he hadn't of gotten the exposure of being a big-time college athlete.

Doug says countless other NBA stars are where they are today because they got to play for the biggest brands in college basketball and reep the benefits of free advertising on the sport's biggest stage, I.e. Zion Williamson playing for Duke and getting on ESPN twice a week.

Doug says there's a reason why these superstar athletes are going to these blood blue schools, and not going straight to the G-League out of high school, where they could instantly receive lucrative contracts as 18-year-olds. And why don't they? Because they'd rather get the unparalleled exposure of playing big-time college basketball playing in packed gyms on national television, and getting to the NBA as mega stars; something they couldn't have attained in the G-League.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb calls out the Governor of California and then details why LeBron has ‘destroyed college athletics’ with his ignorant endorsement.

Doug Gottlieb Rips Gavin Newsom & LeBron James After California Bill Passes