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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vLos Angeles Rams

Colin Cowherd Ranks the 10 Best NFL Teams After Week 4 (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

10. Rams (3-1): “I am down on the Rams. They have too many good components to not be a top ten team but Todd Gurley rushed 5 times for just 16 yards and they’ve got a problem. They have no juice in their backfield. Opposing teams have figured out some components of that offense and have put more guys up front. They overpaid for Gurley and Brandin Cooks.”

9. 49ers (3-0): “Their defense is now taking the ball away and they're number three in total defense. They run the ball 57% of the time, the highest in the NFL, and they don’t even have what you would consider a star running back. I get all the cleverness of Kyle Shanahan, some spectacular perimeter talents, they run the ball, and they take it away.”

8. Seahawks (3-1): “They were clobbered by the Saints but don't forget they outgained them 2-1. They’re 2-0 on the road for the first time since they won the Super Bowl, and is Russell Wilson the best quarterback in the NFL? Seven straight road games with over a 110 passer rating. That is unheard of.”

7. Bills (3-1): “I didn’t move the Bills down at all and think they are for real. They are second in total defense and Tom Brady had one of his worst games as a pro. The Patriots couldn’t run on them or throw on them. Tom was 18 of 39 and they held them to only 229 yards. Josh Allen is erratic but they did run the ball on New England.

6. Packers (3-1): “That was a startling loss to Philadelphia, but Aaron Rodgers finally looked comfortable. They have an elite receiver with Davante Adams, and an elite running back with Aaron Jones. I like the offensive line a lot, but their second half offense has been down when they have to go off-script with a rookie head coach."

5. Cowboys (3-1): “When Zeke can’t run the offense can be limited. If you’re waiting for Dak to be jaw-dropping, he’s NOT, but he keeps you in games, doesn’t make dumb throws, and is a great leader. It’s the number 2 ranked third down offense AND defense.”

4. Eagles (2-2): “My final four teams are teams I can think can reach the Super Bowl. Philadelphia is special. They have the fewest sacks in the NFL but I don’t think that’s a long-term issue. They do create PRESSURE on the quarterbacks, just ask Aaron Rodgers. Their secondary is loaded with injuries and will get better, and Desean Jackson has been hurt."

3. Saints (3-1): “The only team in the league who can go to a backup quarterback and win convincingly in Seattle, and then beat the Dallas Cowboys. It tells you that they have good line play, and weapons offensively. Would Seattle win if Russell Wilson didn’t play? Would the Cowboys win without Dak? Patriots without Brady? Marshon Lattimore is the best pure corner in the game, Alvin Kamara is a top three running back, Michael Thomas may be the best possession receiver in the NFL, and they have the smartest coach offensively, Sean Payton, alongside Andy Reid.”

2. Patriots (4-0): "This defense is ridiculous and they haven’t allowed a passing touchdown this year. They’re number one in six defensive categories. The reason I don’t have them at number one is because they have a lot of wide receiver issues. I don’t think they’re dynamic enough offensively to be one.”

1. Chiefs (4-0): “I don’t love the back end of their defense and unless they make a trade, they aren’t going to have a great secondary this year. But they’ve scored 25+ points in 25 straight games. The NFL’s average score is 23-20, so to do 25 points for a year a half straight is remarkable, especially since they play in bad weather. They’re 4-0 for the third straight year and Andy Reid is a very good September coach. Could we see them trend down? It’s very possible."