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Lebron James is Endorsing California Bill to Lure Players to Klutch Sports

Jason Smith: “LeBron James decided to stand up for a group of people that didn’t need to be stood up for. These people will be going very high in drafts who are going to make a lot of money. This is endorsement money that 98% of the other college athletes are not going to see a dime of because they’re not going to the next level. This is endorsement money for STAR players. Why is LeBron endorsing this? Because the other 2% might sign with Klutch Sports. When Lebron does this, all the kids can go ‘HEY, LEBRON GOT ME PAID AND NOW I WANT TO GO TO KLUTCH SPORTS!’ This is incredibly self-serving by LeBron and he’s standing up like he’s doing something great. Why don’t you do something for the other 98% and for the people who actually NEED it?” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks LeBron James’ role in endorsing a new California bill that will allow collegiate athletes within the state to sign endorsement deals while not threatening their eligibility, was a ceremonious and self-serving one that was only done to boost friend Rich Paul's Klutch Sports agency.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the new bill on LeBron’s barbershop show on HBO, and LeBron has been the most prominent supporter of the bill.

Jason wonders why LeBron is being applauded for helping an elite group of college players who are 1. already getting paid six-figure amounts in college, and 2. ones who will be getting drafted high into professional sports league in the coming months and making multi-million dollar contracts. Jason says LeBron is ‘helping’ athletes like Zion Williamson and Trevor Lawrence get paid… Two players who will earn record amounts as rookies and didn't need LeBron's help whatsoever.

Jason says LeBron only attached his name with the bill to boost the reputation of Klutch Sports, founded by childhood friend Rich Paul, and says LeBron’s perceived role in helping the bill pass will help better Klutch’s chances at singing superstar recruits who will ‘thank’ LeBron for getting them paid in college.

Check out the audio below as Jason calls out LeBron.

Lebron is Only Backing New California Bill to Lure Players to Klutch Sports