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Snoop Dogg Says Clippers Are an Undesirable ‘Adopted Brother’ of the Lakers

Colin Cowherd: “Is it possible the Clippers ever take over Los Angeles?”
Snoop Dogg: “NEVER. Even if they win two championships in a row they’ll never own LA.”
Cowherd: “Why?”
Snoop: “Because they don’t have ‘IT’.
Cowherd: “What is ‘IT.’
Snoop: “Some people have it, some people don’t and they don’t. First of all, they need to get their own house and backyard. They have to come to work every day and look at those banners up there and they have none. They’ve got money, go get your own living room. That owner has the money, go have your little thing in Englewood across the street from the Rams stadium.”
Cowherd: “Do you look at the Clippers as a step brother?”
Snoop: “I look at them as an adopted brother that we really didn’t want.Now we gotta share all our food and clothes with them. Man, whey they moving out??”

Listen to Snoop Dogg join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to rip the crosstown Clippers as the notorious Los Angeles Lakers diehard called the Clippers the unwanted ‘adopted’ brother of the storied Lakers.

The Clippers had nearly a decade-long run of success with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, as the team was a consistent 50-game winner in the Western Conference, but the team has never been past the second round in its franchise's history that dates back to 1978.

After signing Kawhi Leonard and trading for Paul George in the offseason, the Clippers are arguably the best team on paper in the NBA, and are currently the betting favorites to win the NBA Finals.

Check out the comical back-and-forth between Snoop and Colin as also the full interview below.