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Winless NFL Teams With the Best Chances at Going 0-16

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins
“The Cardinals have a tie, stay out of my mentions! Congratulations on tying the Lions!”

Winless Teams With the Best Chances at Going 0-16 according to Jason Smith (You Don’t Want to Be Ranked High on This List!)

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5. Broncos (0-4): “This is a really bad football, and imagine if they trade Von Miller at the trade deadline? But of all the teams on this list I can see them winning a couple of games at home, 13-10 or 10-6. There’s not a single game on the schedule though where I can say ‘the Broncos will definitely win this game.’”

4. Jets (0-3): “They’re going to start 0-6 and things are going to get REALLY bad. Sam Darnold hasn’t even been cleared for contact yet because of his enlarged spleen (mono). They’ll lose to the Eagles, lose to the Cowboys, and lose to the Patriots and be sitting at 0-6. Adam Gase is no longer getting a pass and shouldn’t, because other teams have had to make due with surprise injuries too. Gase has injected the team with no energy, no creativity, and nothing that tells me he’s an offensive genius. With this season getting so ugly could they shut Darnold down? Could they trade Le’Veon Bell? He never wanted Le’Veon anyways.”

3. Redskins (0-4): “The Redskins are just awful and they have no answer at quarterback. It looks like they’re about to sacrifice Colt McCoy. Will they even let Dwayne Haskins take his lumps?”

2. Dolphins (0-4): “They’re tanking and trying to accumulate draft picks, but they did play Dallas and the Chargers tough for a half, showing me they still have professional pride, and could still potentially win a game versus a bad opponent. They play the Jets and Bengals at home. Can I see Josh Rosen having a big day throwing the football? Yes.”

1. Bengals (0-4): “Could I see a Dak Prescott getting hurt and Andy Dalton getting traded? I can see that. I can see them trading Dalton to a 7-4 team with an injured quarterback. I can also see AJ Green being traded. They’re not even close to being competitive.”

Winless NFL Teams With the Best Chances at Going 0-16