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California Governor Gavin Newsom to NCAA: "It’s Time to Put Athletes First"

Dan Patrick: “Is there anything that you would like to say to Mark Emmert, the President of the NCAA?”
Gavin Newsom: “I’ve known Mark for years and think he’s a good, decent, and honorable person. I don’t say that lightly and that’s not just a ‘politician’ saying that. I believe in his heart of hearts he knows what the right thing to do is… They need to think about the athletes as the preeminent responsibility of the organization, and not the institutions first, not the coaching staffs first, not the athletic departments, but the students themselves and have their best interests at heart… If they try to sue and threaten, I think they’ll lose public opinion, and ultimately their moral authority will wane, as well as their formal authority, and the whole system will collapse.” (Full Interview at Bottom of Page)

Listen to California Governor Gavin Newsom join The Dan Patrick Show to deliver statements directly to the NCAA in the ongoing ‘Fair Pay to Play’ saga that has become one of the most compelling stories in the history of college sports.

The state passed a ground-breaking new bill that will allow NCAA athletes at public and private universities within the state to receive endorsement deals while still enrolled in college… A revised regulation previously unseen in college sports.

Newsom believes this legislation will set the tone for other states to adopt similar bills, with the revised regulations eventually becoming standard precedent in every state.

Check out the segment below as well as the full interview, as Newsom says the NCAA is an uncharted waters of being viewed as the antagonist in nearly unanimous disdain, as Newsom says the entire system could be overthrown if the NCAA continues to resist.