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Doug Gottlieb Says Support For California's New Bill is Based on 'Lies'

Doug Gottlieb #44
Doug Gottlieb: “The idea that your name, image, and likeness has a value is just not accurate without it being tied to a university. If it was, these high school basketball players could go right to the G-League and command whatever they want, but they don’t have that ability… Additionally, the biggest issue I have with Gavin Newsom is the narrative that he’s echoing which is ‘THE PLAYERS GET NOTHING’. It’s not only illogical it’s just a lie.” (Full Interview at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast California Governor Gavin Newsom for his role in passing the state’s new bill that would allow student-athletes at schools within the state of California to earn money for their likeness, and accept endorsement deals.

Gottlieb says Newson and his most vocal supporters don’t understand the basic concepts to why these athletes reach the pinnacle in which they do in college sports, and says it's because of the UNIVERSITY they attend.

Doug says countless other NBA stars are where they are today because they got to play for the biggest brands in college basketball and reep the benefits of free advertising on the sport's biggest stage, I.e. Zion Williamson playing for Duke and getting on ESPN twice a week.

Doug says there's a reason why these superstar athletes are going to these blood blue schools, and not going straight to the G-League out of high school, where they could instantly receive lucrative contracts as 18-year-olds. And why don't they? Because they'd rather get the unparalleled exposure of playing big-time college basketball playing in packed gyms on national television, and getting to the NBA as mega stars; something they couldn't have attained in the G-League.

Gottlieb states it’s an NFL, not NCAA rule that bans teenagers from pro football, and the NBA already has rules that allow high school graduates to go directly to the G-League. However, five-star recruits know their brand will never equate to much unless they attend a big-time school. Which is why Doug believes Gavin Newsom saying 'these players get nothing' is a bold-faced lie considering Zion went from teenage YouTube hit in high school, to one of the biggest media phenomenons of all time literally because he played at Duke, for Coach K, at Cameron Indoor Stadium, on ESPN, and against North Carolina.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb continues to be one of the media’s biggest detractor to the bill.