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8-8 Raiders Season Would Be One of the Greatest Feats in Franchise History

Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
Colin Cowherd: “I gotta give the Raiders and Jon Gruden credit. Despite the noise, the press conferences, the silliness, the trades, and the controversies, the Raiders are actually a pretty fun watch. This season could have been a total tire fire yet they’re just a slight underdog this week against won-their-division-last-year Chicago. If the Raiders got to 8-8 it would be an incredible success. Remember Al Davis would say ‘Just Win, Baby’? If they go 8-8 they should hang a banner that says ‘Just .500, Baby’ in their new Vegas stadium. It would be one of their greatest accomplishments.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 2-2 Oakland Raiders are the biggest surprise team in the NFL, as the laughing stock franchise of the generation is actually playing some pleasantly solid football in the wake of the Antonio Brown tragedy.

Colin says a .500 season for Oakland this year would be one of the greatest accomplishments in the storied history of the franchise, and says he’ll buy two seasons tickets for next year’s Vegas exodus if the team finishes 8-8.

Check out the audio below as Colin says he has to tip his cap to Jon Gruden for righting a ship everyone believed would be on the bottom of the ocean floor by now, as the Raiders would actually be in the playoffs in the AFC if the season ended today.

8-8 Raiders Season Would Be One of the Greatest Feats in Franchise History