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Antonio Brown Gets Crushed on Twitter After Saying He Has English Paper Due

Antonio Brown’s twitter page has provided some of the most electric content on the internet the last few months, but even when Brown is trying to be serious and come off as a mature, sensible, and pleasant grown-up, he still gets buried on social media.

Brown recently announced that he was re-enrolling at Central Michigan University. Brown posted to his official Instagram account an IG story that included a screenshot of a college class schedule for the Fall 2019-2020 semester that had the caption ‘Back to School’ with an @CMUAthletics tag at the bottom of the screen.

Brown’s picture included a workload of four online classes, including MGT 312 (Introduction to Management), ENG 303 (English - Technical Writing), REL 334 (Religion – Death and Dying), and SOC 323 (Sociology – Racism and Equality)

Brown tweeted on Sunday that he had an English paper due (Brown spelled it ‘do’) at midnight and that he needed a proof-reader (Brown spelled it ‘prof’) to make sure he gets ‘A’s and B’s.’

Brown has infamously been one of the worst spellers imaginable on Twitter, not only refusing to use commas and creating enormously rambling and incoherent run-on sentences, but more or less butchering the English language.

Naturally, when Brown hinted at writing an English paper, the trolls rushed into the comments section at record numbers.

Take a look at the some of the best responses below.