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Urban Meyer on Fair Pay to Play, "It will change college sports forever"

Former Ohio State wide receiver and now Congressman Anthony Gonzalez is preparing to propose a national law to allow college athletes the opportunity to make endorsement money. 

While on the The Herd with Colin Cowherd, FOX Analyst and former Ohio State and Florida head coach Urban Meyer weighed in on the new "Fair Pay to Play" Act and said college sports as we know it are over.

UrbanMeyer: "How do you legislate that? College athletics will never be the same. The whole reason I got into the purity of college athletics is because you get mold 18-year-olds into a team-first mentality. That will be gone and I'm concerned about it. It's gonna happen. But, outside of the top schools in the country, how many are going to get that opportunity (to get paid)?"

Colin Cowherd: "Will it change the chemistry in the locker room?"

Urban Meyer: "I can't imagine (it wouldn't). If you're coaching a guy making $600K like Ezekiel Elliott, how do you convince him to go to class? The dynamics will be very interesting to watch. It will change college sports forever."

Governor Gavin Newsom, of California, defended his state's decision to sign the law on Monday that allows student-athletes to benefit from their likenesses financially. 

Newsom told The Athletic’s “THE LEAD” podcast:

“It’s a rather perverse system of — I would argue — exploitation,” 
“A kid can get suspended today for selling an autograph, a kid can get suspended for selling a jersey," A kid can get suspended for getting paid to help a next-door neighbor to learn to swim if that college athlete is a swimmer and is getting paid to coach or mentor someone in swimming — they can lose their scholarship."

Watch the full conversation between Colin Cowherd & Urban Meyer Above.