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Hulk Hogan Says He Blew $550 Million Chance to Endorse George Foreman Grill

Colin Cowherd: “You’ve done many brilliant things in business but I heard you passed on the ‘George Foreman Grill.’
Hulk Hogan: “STOP, that’s not true. My kids were upset because I was always picking them up late from school. So I said ‘I’m going to beat all these soccer moms today’, and went to McDonalds, got a cooler, had everything ready, and got to the school at like 2:30, instead of 3:30, and now I’ve finally got all the soccer moms behind me and my kids excited I got there early. Then I get home and press the old school voicemail recorder machine and it says ‘Hey Hulk, this is Sam Perlmutter, I’ve got a grill and I’ve got a blender and I’m going to call you and George [Foreman] to see who wants it.' I wasn’t there to answer the call, so when I call Sam back he said George took the grill. So basically, $550 million later, George got the 'Lean, Mean Grilling Machine' and I got a blender that when you put double-AA batteries in, it would fart and then turn off." (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to wrestling icon Hulk Hogan join The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd how one of the biggest mistakes of his career was actually caused by being him being a good father.

Hogan says one day in the early 1990’s he proudly left to pick up his kids an hour early from school, equipped with bags of McDonalds Happy Meals. However, when he returned home he would see he had a missed call and voicemail on his answering machine. Little did Hulk know that it was a missed call that would change his life forever.

The person who left a message, was a man named Sam Perlmutter, asking if Hogan was interested in endorsing a product whose founder Perlmutter was working on behalf of. When Hogan called Perlmutter back, the product was already being negotiating on with another celebrity during the era.

That celebrity turned out to be George Foreman and that product turned out to be the iconic George Foreman Grill, that would be introduced in 1994 and sell more than 100 million units worldwide.

Check out the regretful audio below as the Hulkster explains to Colin how he blew a chance at being the spokesman of the ‘Hulk Hogan Grill.’

Check out the FULL interview here.

Hulk Hogan Says He Blew $550 Million Chance to Endorse George Foreman Grill