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Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback Ever, But Not the Best 'Player' Ever

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
Chris Broussard: “I’ve got Jim Brown ranked as the greatest football player of all time, but a lot of people say Tom Brady. I think Brady is the GOAT for quarterbacks, but I’m sorry, there is NO way I will call him the greatest ‘FOOTBALL PLAYER’ of all time. I wouldn’t necessarily rule against a quarterback, but I’m ruling against Brady and here’s why: If I’m going to call you the best ‘football player’, I’ve got to see the athleticism, the strength, and the abilities to make me believe you can do everything on the field at a reasonably high level. I could see Jim Brown being a linebacker and tackling people, I can see him catching the ball, I can see him blocking; he was an ATHLETE. Lawrence Taylor, Walter Payton, Deion Sanders, even Aaron Rodgers I can see doing some other things. Think about high school football and tryouts. You got guys running sprints, blocking against the dummies, and tackling – if you sat there and watched somebody go through all these drills, then whoever did most of them the best, that’s who you would say is the best player, not just the guy who’s throwing the ball through the tires.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss a recent USA Today article where NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice said that he believes Jim Brown was the greatest player of all time.

Now, this obviously creates a gray area to what ‘player’ really means, as Tom Brady is nearly unanimously considered the GOAT.

Quarterback is the only position in the sport where ‘Wins’ are an actual statistic, so Brady being considered the ‘GOAT’ for his Super Bowl rings seems fitting, but both Broussard and Parker think it should include a laundry list of other skill sets besides just throwing.

Check out the audio below as Broussard and Parker offer up what being a ‘football player’ should really mean.

Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback Ever, But Not the Best 'Player' Ever