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Knicks Player Slams Ball Down on Defenders Face in Absurd Cheap Shot

New York Knicks journeyman forward Marcus Morris delivered an epic cheap shot on Washington Wizards wing Justin Anderson, in one of the most disrespectful professional basketball plays you’ll ever see during an NBA game.

Anderson was pressuring Morris at the top of three-point line after Morris caught a pass while in a pivoting position. Even though he still had his dribble available, Morris was jab-stepping a challenging Anderson, who was taking aggressive swipes at the ball.

Morris then viciously swung his elbows around while holding the ball, narrowly missing delivering a knockout blow to Anderson’s left chin. Moments later Morris went in for the kill with a playground type maneuver, jackhammering the ball into Anderson’s unsuspecting face.

Morris was instantly ejected from the game, with Anderson shockingly only clapping in Morris’ face and not engaging any further in a physical altercation.

When asked about the bizarre stunt, Morris said that he wouldn’t have done it during the regular season, and justified his ejection by adding ‘We not taking no s**’.

The Knicks would win their preseason opener over the Wizards, 104-99, with Morris leading the team in scoring with 17.

The 30-year-old journeyman is playing with his sixth NBA team after signing a one-year deal for $15 million with the anonymous 2019-2020 Knicks.

Morris is expected to compete on the second team backing up starting New York forwards Kevin Knox and Julius Randle.