Clay Travis: Was Daryl Morey's Hong Kong Tweet the Most Costly Tweet Ever?

Clay Travis: Was Daryl Morey's Hong Kong Tweet the Most Costly Tweet Ever?

Listen to Clay Travis and the Outkick The Coverage crew discuss Daryl Morey’s now-infamous ‘Fight For Freedom, Stand With Hong Kong’ Tweet that has opened up Pandora’s Box in a wild geopolitical barn burner that is putting the National Basketball Association at the mercy of one of the world’s most unforgiving foreign juggernauts.

Since Morey made the tweet last week, China has dramatically denounced the NBA, begun taking down NBA banners in Chinese and cities, cancelled media events, and dozens of Chinese companies are beginning to jump ship on their partnerships with the league.

Relations between democratic Hong Kong and communist China have been incredibly tense since the British handed over ownership of the island back to the mainland of China in 1997. The autonomy of Hong Kong has been one of the most polarizing topics in East Asia.

The hostile geopolitics regarding the topic have put the NBA at an awkward juxtaposition, considering the Los Angeles Lakers are scheduled to play the Brooklyn Nets in Shanghai on Thursday.

Check out the audio above as the crew discuss the financial ramifications of Morey’s tweet, and talk about other memorable tweets in the history of Twitter that created sudden financial catastrophes.

Was Morey’s tweet the most expensive ever made? Find out in the audio above.

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