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Nick Wright: 'Ridiculous' to Say Tom Brady is NFL's Most Clutch Quarterback

Super Bowl XLII
Colin Cowherd: “NFL executives gave Patrick Mahomes half as many votes as Tom Brady for the quarterback you most want to win one game.”
Nick Wright: “I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would claim Tom Brady right now is the guy they want at this. You don’t get GOAT credit in this. If Jordan was still with the Wizards would you say you want him taking the last shot too? Brady has played one defense all year, the Bills, and had the worst game he’s had in 13 years. The other four defenses he has played are a combined 1-17. Let’s take a deep breath and realize he’s 42-years-old and kind of looks like it this year. You don’t get legacy points in this. It’s the guy at his apex, and that’s Patrick Mahomes. Brady has been mediocre at best this year carried by his defense and his coaching staff.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page).

Watch Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright discuss a recent ESPN+ article that polled 25 NFL executives on what quarterback they would take to win one single game.

Of the 25 execs polled, 14 said Tom Brady, 7 said Patrick Mahomes, 2 said Russell Wilson, 1 said Drew Brees, and another one said Ben Roethlisberger.

Both Cowherd and Wright blasted the anonymous poll but for opposite reasons. Colin said there is no way Mahomes should have received 7 votes given he just lost the AFC title game to a guy also on the ballot, and Wright says there is no way Brady should have been voted over Mahomes given this is a ‘RIGHT NOW’ vote, and he’s not giving Brady legacy points for his clutch performances of the past.

Listen to the full segment below.