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Rob Gronkowski & Robert Kraft Hint at Possible NFL Return For Gronk

Rob Gronkowski on possible returning to the NFL: “I would have to be feeling it big time, but it’s always going to be open in my mind. I love the game of football, playing the game, being around the game, and even watching the game. I’ll always keep the door open.”
Robert Kraft on Gronk returning (4:35 in video): “We all love Gronk and the bottom line is that he hasn’t put in his retirement papers in, so we can always pray and hope.”

New England Patriots tight Rob Gronkowski and Patriots owner Robert Kraft threw some gas on the fire Thursday night when it came to rumors about the future Hall of Fame tight end possibly returning to the NFL to help an undefeated Patriots team with a glaring weakness at tight end.

Gronkowski appeared in a Live NFL segment on Fox Sports Thursday night saying an NFL return would ‘always be open in my mind’ when asked if he would consider coming back to pro football.

Kraft inflamed the comments even more when he told the NFL Network during an interview moments later that the 30-year-old Gronkowski hadn’t ‘put in his retirement papers yet', and said we can always ‘pray and hope’ he returns.

Gronkowski retired on March 24th, 2019 after saying he wasn't in a 'good place' and 'football wasn't doing it for me anymore.'