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Is Deshaun Watson Better than Patrick Mahomes?

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans
Colin Cowherd: “In their last 16 games Deshaun Watson is 12-4, and Patrick Mahomes is 11-5. Patrick has the better coach, better offensive line, more organizational structure, AND PLAYS FOR A TEAM THAT ACTUALLY HAS A GM… You do get that right?? The last calendar year Deshaun has won more, been more accurate, and has been sacked three times as many times. We forget how good this kid is, he’s unbelievable. When they meet this weekend you’re going to be watching Mahomes and pre-Mahomes. One has had to overcome way more, and doesn’t have a GM, doesn’t have the coach, and doesn’t have the offensive line… It’s time we start comparing the two. The gap is not what you think the gap is. I think Mahomes is better than Watson but I think it’s real close.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes Deshaun Watson is now neck-and-neck with Patrick Mahomes as the best quarterback in the NFL on the heels of their highly anticipated Week 6 matchup in Arrowhead.

Watson is currently second in the league in passer rating (115.9), with Mahomes (114.7) right behind him in third. Watson has a 70.2 QBR compared to Mahomes’ 79.3, and Watson’s TD/INT (11-1) is almost identical to Mahomes’ immaculate 11-0.

Colin says we need to start comparing Watson to stars like Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, and Aaron Rodgers, now that Watson finally has a decent offensive line with the offseason acquisition of elite left tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Check out the video below as Colin explains why the gap between Mahomes and Watson is shrinking every week.