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Clay Travis: LeBron James' Daryl Morey Remark is Lowest Point of His Career

Clay Travis: “Lebron James said there were downsides to the first amendment... Yes, for instance the first amendment does not protect you from being exposed as an idiot. This should end any argument about LeBron being ‘smart’ outside of basketball. He is a good basketball player but that doesn’t translate into other avenues of life. LeBron is just trying to make sure that ‘Space Jam 2’ gets into Chinese theaters and as a result is carrying the water of a brutal Chinese dictatorship. He’s a huge hypocrite and is not even smart enough to realize it. He was so outraged when he was told to ‘shut up and dribble’ and now he’s telling Daryl Morey to ‘shut up and general manage.’” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis blast LeBron James after the iconic athlete with probably the biggest platform in North American sports shockingly criticized Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey for the now-infamous ‘Fight For Freedom, Stand With Hong Kong’ tweet that has become of the most talked about tweets in the history of the website.

LeBron looked like a shell of his former self when he called out Morey for the ‘downsides of the first amendment’, as we're normally accustomed to LeBron being one of the biggest advocates against oppression and injustices of any pro athlete on earth.

Clay says LeBron would rather sell his ‘Space Jam 2’ movie to a totalitarian government with diabolical human rights monstrosities than actually stand up for a political opinion that is synonymous with American values.

Check out the rant below as Clay details why LeBron essentially told Daryl Morey to ‘Shut up and general manage’ as Clay says LeBron only cares about fighting oppression when his millions aren’t affected.

Clay Travis: LeBron James' Daryl Morey Remarks Are Low Point of LBJ's Career