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LeBron James Cares About Oppression as Long as it Doesn't Affect His Wallet

Clay Travis: “Can we now end the argument that LeBron is smart? He’s a good basketball player and probably a good dad but those aren’t necessarily difficult things to be. I mean in the grand scheme of things, wanting to your kid to be a ‘good basketball player and a good dad’ is shooting pretty low. One of the ‘downsides’ of the first amendment, LeBron, is if you’re an idiot and speak out publicly, eventually we will found out that you are in fact an idiot, a hypocrite, and will sell your soul for everything that the country stands for in order to make the Chinese oppressors happy. Congrats, LeBron.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis tear into LeBron James a day after LBJ made a controversial PR decision to not only speak on the NBA/China saga during a time it was looking to be slightly dissipating, but go out of his way to criticize Daryl Morey, and then double-down on Twitter in an even worse ‘clarification’ tweet.

James is being nearly unanimously condemned by critics and supporters alike, in a strange instance of unity from both sides of the aisle who are wailing on LeBron for the way he handled this inescapable talking point that he had a week to prepare for.

Usually LeBron is the poster boy for individuals in the NBA to use their platform to overcome the ‘shut up and dribble’ moniker, but LBJ seemingly told Morey to ‘shut up and general manage’ as LeBron lectured the Northwestern graduate and MBA recipient from MIT on the first amendment, and added even more insult to injury by saying Morey was ‘misinformed’ on the topic and ‘not educated enough’.

Check out the rant below as Clay says how big of a clueless hypocrite LeBron seems like, as he seemingly bent the knee for an intolerant government he doesn’t want to lose as a financial partner.

LeBron James Cares About Oppression as Long as it Doesn't Affect His Wallet