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LeBron James Would Rather Market 'Space Jam 2' than Help Oppressed Chinese

LeBron James: “We all do have freedom of speech but at times there are ramifications when you’re not thinking about others.”
Clay Travis: “Daryl Morey was speaking out in favor of the 1.4 billion Chinese people who don’t have the same human rights as you and I do because they’re a part of a communist dictatorship. “
Lebron: “I believe Daryl Morey wasn’t educated on the situation at hand.”
Clay: “Daryl Morey went to Northwestern and MIT. LeBron graduated from high school and hasn’t proven to be educated on anything in his entire life other than basketball. If you’re asking me to choose who knows more about the situation, I’m going with Daryl Morey.”
LeBron: “So many people could have been harmed financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”
Clay: “The only word that matters there is ‘financially’ but everything else you said in that sentence is totally made up. No one was in danger. The people in danger are all Chinese, because they don’t have the same basic human rights as us.”
Lebron: “Be careful what we tweet and say because there can be a lot of negatives from it.”
Clay: “He’s right, when you have freedom of speech and speak like LeBron did there is no longer any fig leaf to defend your intelligence, and you can look like an idiot when you talk uneducatedly about subjects you are unaware of.” (Full Audio Below)

Listen to Clay Travis blast LeBron James for selling out his notoriously ‘Woke’ platform to appease the intolerant Chinese government, in a regrettable PR statement that some are calling one of the biggest mistakes of LeBron’s career.

LeBron has had one of the most dynamic voices in the United States when it came to fighting oppression and injustice in America, but bizarrely back-pedaled when it came to calling out Daryl Morey’s pro-democratic support of Hong Kong, and seemingly sidestepping the obvious elephant in the room of the Chinese government being responsible for some of the world’s most barbaric human rights violations in the history of mankind.

Check out the audio below as Clay denatures LeBron’s comments one by one and details why LeBron is a sellout who would rather market his ‘Space Jam 2’ movie in China then help the millions of oppressed Chinese.

LeBron James Would Rather Market 'Space Jam 2' than Help Oppressed Chinese