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Baker Mayfield's Immature College Antics Led to His NFL Interception Woes

Baker Mayfield's police video in college

Freddie Kitchens: “I want Baker to continue to work to make better decisions and continue to get better with his eyes, his reads, and his throws… We need to put him into better situations.”


Colin Cowherd: “Kitchens says Baker needs to make ‘better decisions’… This was my knock on Baker Mayfield, Johnny Manziel, and Jameis Winston out of college. I don't believe that people that make bad decisions at 18, make great ones at 22. Most people who are mature at 12, are mature at 18, and are mature at 26… When you have a decision at 18 years old to listen to the police officer or run from the cops, I don’t think you’re going to go from that to a brilliant decision maker. Those decisions Sunday were lousy, just like taunting opponents, throwing footballs at other teams, and the cop video.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Baker Mayfield’s ongoing interception woes in the NFL are remnants of a guy that has been making poor decisions for years.

Mayfield currently leads the league in interceptions with an ugly 5/11 touchdown-to-INT ratio that is responsible for his grisly 66.0 passer rating.

Colin says it’s no surprise that Mayfield and Jameis Winston are one and two in the NFL in picks, considering they both led college careers that were infamously immortalized for making bad decisions off the field.

Check out the audio below as Colin details why Mayfield’s poor decision-making on the football field is falling right in line with his poor decision-making off the field.

Baker Mayfield's Immature College Antics Led to His NFL Interceptions Woes