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Joel Klatt Reveals His College Football Top 10 After Week 7 (Oct. 16)

College Football’s Top 10 Teams according to Joel Klatt – October 16th

10. Notre Dame (5-1)

9. Georgia (5-1)

8. Florida (6-1)

7. Clemson (6-0)

6. Penn State (6-0)

5. Wisconsin (6-0)

4. Oklahoma (6-0)

3. Alabama (6-0)

2. LSU (6-0)

1. Ohio State (6-0)

Listen to Colin Cowherd argue with Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt about Klatt’s Top 10, most notably, the fact that he ranked defending National Champion Clemson seventh.

Clemson is America’s most derided team despite coming off a 15-0 season and returning starchild Trevor Lawrence at quarterback.

With the implosion of the Atlantic Coast Conference, Clemson’s undefeated record isn’t wooing many pundits around the sport who are comparing this Clemson team to the 2014 Florida State Seminoles team who was coming off a National Championship but limped itself all the way to 13 straight wins the following year before getting massacred by Oregon in the College Football Playoff.

Check out the video above as Colin disagrees with Klatt’s '19 Clemson/’14 FSU comparison, and instead, compares Clemson to the mid-00’s USC teams under Pete Carroll who were seemingly ‘bored’ playing in a decrepit Pac-10 conference, before finally rising up to play elite football in bowl season when competing against top-shelf opponents.