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The Five 'Must See TV' NBA Teams for the Upcoming 2019-2020 Season

Colin Cowherd's Five ‘Must-Watch Teams’ for the Upcoming 2019/2020 Season

5. Golden State Warriors: “We’re getting ‘Peak Steph’ back and I like this team when it’s led by Steph Curry. The team acknowledged that sometimes with Kevin Durant they would coast, so I think they will have more urgency. Can D’Angelo Russell play in a system where he’s not dominating the ball? They also have a new arena.”

4. New Orleans Pelicans:Zion Williamson is the biggest college basketball star since Christian Laettner. Lonzo Ball is the perfect fit for him. Will Lonzo, now that he’s free from Lavar and the LA hype, really explode? I don’t think this is a playoff team but I think it will be a really good watch.”

3. Houston Rockets: “You have two of the highest-usage guys playing on the same team. Westbrook and Harden played together years ago on the same team but they weren’t MVPs at that time and didn’t have $150 million. Harden just came off the best scoring year since Michael Jordan and he’s not giving the ball up. Westbrook comes in there licking his wounds but can he play off the ball? You’ve also got this NBA and China thing hanging over. It will be a fascinating watch.”

2. Los Angeles Clippers: “Last year they sent the Warriors to six games with a healthy Kevin Durant. I think of all the great duos in the NBA this year, their duo of Kawhi and Paul George actually fits well together. They have a bunch of grinders and I think they’re the deepest team in the league. They’ve got Doc Rivers and they added Ty Lue, so even their coaches are famous. I think this is the best team in the league.”

1. Los Angeles Lakers: “LeBron is coming off an injury talking about having a ‘revenge tour’ and he may end up playing point guard. LeBron and Anthony Davis could be fascinating because LeBron and bigs have sometimes worked and have sometimes not. Frank Vogel is the coach and Jason Kidd was hired under him; will that implode?? They brought in Dwight Howard and Danny Green and re-signed Rondo and Javale McGee. There are a lot of disparate parts. Does Kyle Kuzma develop into a star? I don't think they are as good as the Clippers but this is the best watch of the year."