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LeBron James Chose Money Over the Human Rights of a Foreign Country

Doug Gottlieb: “What LeBron James said to a lot of Americans is that his business interests supersede his interests for human rights and civil rights in countries outside the United States… Maybe he gained money abroad but he lost some people here. Did that sound like Muhammad Ali?? Ali gave up the three prime years of his career because of what he believed in… Did that feel like what LeBron did??” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks LeBron James obviously whiffed his one-and-done public statement on the NBA’s messy and wholly catastrophic run-in with an incensed and crazed China.

The intolerant superpower tried to eviscerate Rockets GM Daryl Morey after the outspoken Rockets architect tweeted support for the pro-democracy Hong Kong protestors in one of the most deadlocked geopolitical topics in the region.

LeBron, normally one of the leading voices against oppression in the Western Hemisphere, strangely seemed to side with China on the issue, as he echoed the same type of condemnation that the Chinese showed Morey.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb says Lebron tarnished his public image and really went against a sentiment he once stated, where he wanted to be the next ‘Global Icon’ like Muhammad Ali.