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'Woke' LeBron James Was Exposed as a Cowardly Fraud

Ben Maller: “It sounded like LeBron was supporting the People’s Republic of China and toeing the Chinese company line… He was parroting Chinese state propaganda. I mean, he said if you agree with Hong Kong then you’re ‘uneducated’. LeBron’s whole brand is about being ‘WOKE’, that he’s different than all the other athletes, and this was going to be his Muhammad Ali moment and stand up for what’s right. Instead, he punted like a coward.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks LeBron James’ whole off-the-court persona and brand was exposed this week, as LeBron took a lot of heat for his only public statement on the NBA’s disastrous PR run-in with China because of Daryl Morey’s pro-Hong Kong tweet.

LeBron has always been known around sports as one of the most progressive and influential voices in the sporting world when it comes to fighting oppression and injustice, but yet right when LeBron was put in the spotlight of a glaring example of tyranny, he not only held back on shedding light to the foreign calamity, but he unexpectedly went out of his way to bash the American who was going up against intolerant leviathan China.

Check out the rant below as Maller says we can start calling LBJ ‘Le-Fraud’ once again.

LeBron James Was Exposed as a Cowardly Fraud