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Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 7 (Oct. 18)

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
"The numbers are lining up and I love my picks! I’ve got the LOCK OF THE YEAR this week and maybe two!”

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 7 (Oct. 18)

Colin's 2019 Blazin' 5 Record Through 6 Weeks: 19-10-1 (Last week 1-4)

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Rams at Falcons (SPREAD: LAR -2.5)

"I'll take the Rams -2.5. Adding Jalen Ramsey buoys a locker room and I think Atlanta has quit. Jared Goff is fine when he's comfortable and Atlanta's defense makes EVERYONE comfortable They're a terrible defense who is last in sacks and 29th in takeaways. The Rams are a team who is playing for something and there is some urgency here. They can't lose with San Francisco and Seattle playing so well and I think that Atlanta locker room has bailed, the coach will be gone soon, and the season is over. Love the number, I'm picking the Rams to win 28-21."

Colin's Pick: Rams (-2.5)

Texans at Colts (SPREAD: IND -1.0)

"Like it? I absolutely LOVE the Colts at -1. All byes are not created equal. I like well-run and smartly coached teams off a bye who take bigger advantage of it like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid. Frank Reich is an excellent coach. Jacoby Brissett is 3-0 vs. Houston with a passer rating close to 100. Brisset has only been sacked six times this year, second fewest in the NFL. He will have time to throw and a semblance of a running game at home coming off a bye. The Colts are the least penalized team in the NFL and are structurally the closest thing to New England in the league. They don't make mistakes, they run the ball, and protect their quarterback. Darius Leonard also returns this week. I love the Colts in this game, I'm picking Colts 28, Texans 24.

Colin's Pick: Colts (-1)

Cardinals at Giants (SPREAD: NYG -3.0)

"This is one of my picks of the year, I'm taking the Giants -3. Arizona won last week but they were DOMINATED and pushed around the field. Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram return this week, and when Daniel Jones has a running game and time to throw he completes over 60% of his passes and they're 2-0. Arizona's defense is a problem and they're 29th or 30th in everything. Jones will be comfortable and at home. I get a warm weather dome team going out to the chilly northeast and the Cardinals have never been a great east coast travel team. This will be one of the blowouts of the weekend, I'm picking Giants 36, Cardinals 24."

Colin's Pick: Giants (-3)

Ravens at Seahawks (SPREAD: SEA -3.0)

"May be counterintuitive but I'm going Baltimore +3 on this one. I have some fears for Russell Wilson winning the game because he's a magician, but Baltimore is sneaky. They are number one in rushing yards, number one in time of possession, and number one in total offense. Translation? Keep Russell off the field. Seattle has played three games at home this year and have been outscored by 4 points. They came within a football's length of losing to the Rams at home, they barely beat Cincinnati at home, and they were at times dominated by the Saints. I like Seattle, but this year they have had to depend on turnovers, which never last, and they got lucky last week vs. the Browns. Baltimore has a bye coming up and this is going to feel big for them. The Harbaughs have animosity with Pete Carroll. I'm picking an upset, Ravens 24, Seahawks 20."

Colin's Pick: Ravens (+3)

Eagles at Cowboys (SPREAD: PHI -2.5)

“The Eagles have won 6 of the last 9 games at Dallas and I think they match up very well against Dallas. The Cowboys' offensive line is beat up and I love the Eagles' defensive front. The Eagles' issue is secondary but Jalen Mills is coming back and Ronald Darby, who is special, DID practice this week. I have a rule in this league; when talented teams are HUMILIATED they almost always bounce back, and Philadelphia was humiliated last week. Eagles are 16-7 when Carson Wentz doesn't have a pick and here's what the Cowboys don't do: They don't intercept it and Byron Jones is not healthy. I'm taking the points and I think Philly wins straight up by a touchdown, Eagles 27, Cowboys 20."

Colin's Pick: Eagles (+2.5)

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