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Colin Cowherd Finally Admits the Eagles Were Overrated, Calls Them a 'Mess'

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Colin Cowherd: “I overvalued the Eagles’ talent. They don’t really have a running back, wide receiver, or cornerback that scares you, and I have no idea what happened to their pass rush. Ever meet a guy who has never really gotten the big paycheck, the big bonus, or the corner office in life, and then the ONE time they do they wanna lecture everybody on how to do it?? BARF. Congrats on that ONE Super Bowl. Congrats! Yippee! Throw a parade! You’re coach won a Super Bowl and went out and wrote a book on how to do it. Really, ONE?? You’re 12-11 since your Super Bowl and haven’t beaten the Cowboys since. New England’s motto is ‘DO YOUR JOB’… Philadelphia’s motto is 'DID OUR JOB… ONCE, and then lectured everyone on how to win.' Stop it and get over yourself. You’re like the high school loser who is still bragging about four touchdown games in your small town and now you’re 44 years old. Nick Foles is gone, Frank Reich is gone, LeGarrette Blount is gone. What isn’t is the stench of their ego. Philadelphia has become Baker Mayfield. I’m going to take the New England way – academic, cerebral, quiet, covert, smart, do your job… Not loud, cocky, brash, ego, and did our job once and now we want to brag about it to everybody. Get over yourself Philly. You’re a .500 team with five rout loses since the Super Bowl.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd absolutely dump on the Philadelphia Eagles franchise, calling them a cocky and annoying one-hit wonder who is still flexing their beer muscles about winning their lone Super Bowl in February of 2018.

Colin is off the Eagles bandwagon and apologized for ever believing in them this season, as Colin finally admitted that it’s not a very talented team and they don’t scare anyone.

Check out the rant above as Colin compares this Eagles team to the loser middle-aged man who still talks about his ol’ glory days on the gridiron in high school, despite those memories being clearly dead in the past. Colin says it’s time for smug Philly to realize they’re an average franchise who needs to get over their fluke Super Bowl triumph.