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Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 7 Game in Just 3 Words (Oct. 21)

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans

Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 7 Game in Just Three Words (Full Video at Bottom of Page).

Chiefs at Broncos: 'OH NO MAHOMES' -- "Matt Moore is an experienced backup quarterback but this defense is not going to win you football games and this team is way too Patrick Mahomes-centric. Next four are against the Packers, Vikings, Titans, and Chargers before the bye."

Rams at Falcons: 'FALCONS DON'T COUNT' -- "Atlanta has lost 5 straight and Matt Ryan left the game in a boot. It was a 27-point win for the Rams but it doesn't really count against Atlanta. Todd Gurley got the ball more but averaged just 2.5 yards per carry."

Bills at Dolphins: 'THINK THEY'RE GOOD' -- "Buffalo has held all their opponents to 21 points or less, and in their last nine games they're 7-2, with the only losses being to New England. The defense has held opponents under 400 yards for 18 straight games; the longest streak in the NFL. Imagine having to go to Buffalo in November and December when it's windy and snowing?"

Vikings at Lions: 'COUSINS IS COOKING' -- "Last three games Kirk Cousins has 10 touchdowns and one interception. One o'clock Cousins is unbelievable and looks like Peyton Manning. Primetime Cousins, just cover your eyes. This roster is filthy good and Dalvin Cook is the best back in the league with McCaffrey."

Jaguars at Bengals: 'DID NOT WATCH' -- Cincinnati is the worst watch in the league, and that includes Miami, who at least has some fight to them. Bengals have lost 9 in a row. I wouldn't watch this game, seriously."

Raiders at Packers: 'PERFECT PASSING RATING' -- "Didn't have their best wide receiver Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison was on a limited snap count. Pretty impressive that this team can win multiple ways when players are hurt. Rodgers became the first Packers quarterback ever to finish a game with a perfect rating. He had six touchdowns and only six completions."

Texans at Colts: 'NO LUCK NECESSARY' -- "Colts are in first place in the AFC South and the last 16 games they're 13-3. This offensive line makes everything easier. Jacoby Brissett is 4-0 versus Houston."

Cardinals at Giants: 'BETTER ROOKIE QUARTERBACK' -- "During this winning streak Kyler Murray does not have an interception. Him and Russell Wilson are both baseball players and Murray throws a really pretty ball too. Murray may be small but he throws a beautiful ball and this offense is very creative."

49ers at Redskins: 'UGLY BUT PERFECT' -- '49ers are the only undefeated team left in the NFC. You don't think home field advantage matters? This is why New England keeps making Super Bowls. In their last 3 games they've only allowed 10 points combined. There's four first round picks on defense and eight of their 11 defensive starters are either first, second, or third round picks."

Chargers at Titans: 'CLASSIC CHARGERS LOSS' -- 'Isn't what happened on Sunday the Chargers' life story? Nothing against Philip Rivers but they need to draft another quarterback."

Saints at Bears: 'CUT THE CORD' -- "The Bears are last in the NFC in total yards and haven't had a 300-yard game this season. GM Ryan Pace just needs to admit that he whiffed with Mitch Trubisky."

Ravens at Seahawks: 'RUSHING TO PLAYOFFS' -- "No team has rushed for this many yards through seven games in 12 years. Lamar Jackson is the NFL's leading rusher the last 3 weeks.

Eagles at Cowboys: 'WHY EAGLES WHY?!' -- 'The Eagles have been outscored by 45 points the last two games. They really don't have any special players besides Carson Wentz."

Patriots at Jets: 'DARNOLD'S BIGGEST TEST' -- "Believe it not but Bill Belichick is only 9-7 on Monday Night Football and has lost three of his last four. The Jets actually are a pretty good football team and will be a tough out at home."