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Aaron Rodgers on Matt LaFleur: 'It's Been a Blast to Work With Him'

Dan Patrick: “How much fun are you having now based off everything that was said earlier in the offseason and all the silly coverage?"
Aaron Rodgers: “I’m having a lot of fun. I really enjoy this group and it’s a fun group of guys. I think back to earlier in my career and I don’t think there was this much fun being had out on the field… I’m having a lot of fun with Matt [LaFleur] and he’s been a blast to work with.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Aaron Rodgers open up to The Dan Patrick Show about how much fun he’s having this season, after an uncomfortable offseason was beginning to cast a shadow over Rodgers’ career.

Former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy’s messy firing left a ton of scandalous bad blood between Rodgers and McCarthy, which saturated a lot of the NFL offseason storylines.

When it was being reported that new Packers HC Matt Lafleur were not getting along, and Rodgers was administering his classic passive aggressive nature, a lot of people around the sport were starting to tilt the narrative of Rodgers’ legacy to one that wasn’t going to be painted in a bright light.

Check out the interview above as Aaron puts those theories to bed, with him talking candidly about how different this season has been.