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Are the Pelicans Asking Zion Williamson to Fake His Knee Injury?

Utah Jazz v New Orleans Pelicans
Chris Webber: “I think the narrative on Zion has been a little unfair about him being injured, because I really don’t believe he was injured during the preseason. I think that maybe the Pelicans said ‘wait a minute, why would we put him in this situation to get hurt and maybe gave him a little time off.'”
Jason Smith: “Apparently, what Chris Webber wants us to believe is that the Pelicans made up this injury and got everyone on board to lie about it – the players, the coaches, the doctors, the relatives of the players, the wives, and even Lavar Ball. Then put on a fake surgery that never happened.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss Chris Webber’s controversial comments on-air Tuesday that speculated that the New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson is not actually injured, and that the team is simply decreasing his workload by heading into the season with a phantom injury that will dock him 6-8 weeks.

In an era of ‘Load Management’ with star players get time off to nurse obscure injuries, and get paid tens of millions of dollars to sit out games while perfectly healthy, are Webber’s comments legit?

Check out the audio below as Jason and Mike agree there is no way to take this theory seriously.

Are the Pelicans Asking Zion Williamson to Fake His Knee Injury?