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Bears Need to End Mitch Trubisky Era Now and Trade For Teddy Bridgewater

Colin Cowherd: “I would aggressively go for Teddy Bridgewater at the trade deadline if I was Chicago. I don’t wanna hear ‘he’s a system quarterback’ – this whole league besides Aaron Rodgers is a system quarterback. Chicago cannot punt on this season. This defense and this coach is too good, and the wild card is wide open. Bridgewater is a grown-up and you don’t need a superstar quarterback with this defense, you just need somebody to move the chains and not turn the ball over. This defense in Chicago is about ready to quit on this offense, and these great defenses don’t last forever. And for the Saints, if they don’t make a move, then Teddy is just a backup who in the offseason is going to go get paid somewhere. Go get a good player for him.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints would be perfect trade partners for Tuesday’s upcoming deadline, as the Bears are desperate for a competent quarterback, and the Saints eye the return of incumbent starter Drew Brees.

Colin says the potential trade would work out for both teams. The Bears could officially end the Mitch Trubisky era and make a run at the playoffs with one of the best defenses of the decade. Trubisky ranks third to last in the NFL in QBR, only ahead of Josh Rosen and Marcus Mariota, and Bridgewater is undefeated with a 9/2 touchdown-to-interception ratio in five starts.

The Saints on the other hand, could maximize Bridgewater’s value as an asset with Brees coming back, and get a decent haul in return for a guy who will be a free agent at season’s end.

Check out the video above as Colin details why this would be ideal for both teams, and also explains why Cam Newton is not the answer for the Bears.