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Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees Play Hurt, Andrew Luck and Millennials Don't

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts
Doug Gottlieb: “I took heat for saying it was very ‘Millennial’ of Andrew Luck to say it was too hard to rehab his litany of injuries. Luck walked away from a team who was capable of making the Super Bowl when the rules in the NFL are set up to where it’s really hard to hit a quarterback. This is NOT how NFL players have carried themselves and they’ve always been purported as the toughest athletes in sports. It now feels like sweet vindication for ya boy to hear Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees may play this week. Both of these guys don’t have to play, the Chiefs already have the division wrapped up, and the Saints have played great with Teddy Bridgewater. Football players play football and love to brag how tough they are. That’s the norm and the EXCEPTION is what Luck did. Luck went through a string of injuries and his body was apparently quitting on him and he said enough was enough. Luck’s viewpoint was the millennial way of thinking.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss his infamous Andrew Luck is a typical millennial’ take that he made in August that became the talk of Twitter that week.

Gottlieb was commenting on Luck’s shocking decision to retire, brashly criticizing the move to quit football at the age of 29 as something a ‘Millennial’ would do, aka a new-age athlete who tends to run away from obstacles that are deemed too hard to overcome.

Well, Gottlieb is doubling down on that take, now saying he’s felt ‘sweet vindication’ this week with the rumors that star quarterbacks Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes may suit up and play this week, despite their projected injury timetables saying it’s way too early.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb says Brees and Mahomes are once again proving they are ‘football guys’ who will run through walls to play football, and yet here is Andrew Luck, the millennial, who quit on a Super Bowl roster because it was going to be too much work for him.

Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees Play Hurt, Andrew Luck and Millennials Don't