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Ex-Player Orlando Scandrick Rips Former Eagles Teammates in Heated Segment

Listen to former NFL cornerback Orlando Scandrick discuss comments he made on Fox Sports 1 earlier in the day on Friday about his untimely exit from the Philadelphia Eagles, as the now-free agent said the team used him as a scapegoat during Philadelphia's two-game losing streak that has seen the defense give up 75 points in two games.

Scandrick, who was released on October 21st, blasted Eagles GM’ Howie Roseman, calling him a liar and then expounded on the Eagles’ locker room turmoil, saying the team hasn’t gotten over their Super Bowl victory yet, and says backhanded gossip is the constant stench in the air over there.

Scandrick specifically targeted Eagles captain Malcolm Jenkins, calling him ‘selfish’ and saying Jenkins threw other players under the bus for Jenkins' own poor play on the season, and said Jenkins caused fractures in the locker room.

Jenkins responded hours later, saying ‘I could give two sh*ts about people who aren’t here… For us to move on as a team, we can’t have motherf*ckers like that in the room.”

After Scandrick’s appearance on The Herd, the official Philadelphia Eagles Twitter account released video from a Mic’d up segment during last week’s loss to the Vikings where Scandrick went up to Jenkins after Jenkins forced a fumble on Vikings' backup running back Alexander Mattison and said “That’s exactly why you’re the captain of this defense, bro. The way that you f*cking conduct yourself – first snap to the last’", clearly showing support for Jenkins, while also discounting the legitimacy of Scandrick's comments.

Check out the full interview with Colin Cowherd above.