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Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 8 Game in Just 3 Words (Oct. 28)

New York Giants v Detroit Lions

Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 8 Game in Just Three WordsOctober 28th (Full Video at Bottom of Page).

Redskins at Vikings: “NOT CONVINCED YET” – “Last year with the same roster, Minnesota was 1-6 against playoff teams and they lost to the only team they’ve played above .500 Green Bay. I don’t buy them yet. Let’s see if they’re scary at Kansas City, at Seattle, and at Dallas.”

Seahawks at Falcons: “OVER AT HALF” – “It was 24-0 at half. Seattle is 54-0 when they’re up by 4 or more points at half since Russell Wilson showed up. That is remarkable.”

Eagles at Bills: “TOLD YA SO” – “On Friday I told you this team was too good structurally to bail on the Eagles. They galvanized after Orlando Scandrick ripped them on my show. Josh Allen now has 7 TDs and 7 INTs and this offense is very limited.”

Chargers at Bears: “DONE WITH TRUBISKY” – “According to Pro Football Focus, dating back to last year Mitch Trubisky is the 50th rated quarterback. That means he’s below 20 backups.”

Giants at Lions: “COMING OUT COLD” – “The Giants have been outscored by 40 points in the first quarter this year. Pat Shurmur get it together. Four straight losses.”

Jets at Jaguars: “JAGS TROLL DARNOLD” – “The mascot dressed up as a ghost and held a banner that said ‘Gardner Minshew ain’t afraid of no ghosts.’”

Bengals at Rams: “’KUPP’ OF TEA?” – “Cooper Kupp had 7 catches for 220 yards in London. Everyone thought it was Todd Gurley’s decline, but when Cooper Kupp got hurt last year Jared Goff was never the same. Kupp is a top 5 NFL wide receiver and a star.”

Cardinals at Saints: “WHAT A BREES” – “Arizona is not that terrible and Drew Brees threw for almost 400 yards. I think they should trade Teddy Bridgewater and get him one more offensive target.”

Bucs at Titans: “JAME-ISN’T THE ANSWER” – “Jameis had 4 more turnovers and is now 6-22 in his last 28 starts. Tampa has got really good offensive weapons and Mike Evans is as good as any receiver in the NFL. His 91 turnovers since he got into the league is 15 more the next ranked player.”

Broncos at Colts: “BRISSET SAVES DAY” – “A 35-yard frozen rope to TY Hilton setting up the game-winning field goal was one of the biggest plays of the day.”

Panthers at 49ers: “WHAT A STATEMENT” – “Kyle Allen was picked three times after not having one all season, and was sacked seven times. This 49ers team is a bunch of kids and is only going to get better.”

Raiders at Texans: “ONE-EYED WATSON” – “Cleat to his face, adjusted his helmet, spun around, and threw the winning touchdown against the Raiders. Deshaun Watson is an all-time great.

Browns at Patriots: “THREE STRAIGHT TURNOVERS” – “New England was up 3-0 after the first quarter and then Cleveland fell apart. Nick Chubb fumbled twice, and then Baker had a butt fumble. What a mess.”

Packers at Chiefs: “AARON TO AARON” – “Rodgers threw for over 300 yards and over half of them were to Aaron Jones. Finally Green Bay is using their running backs, who had four touchdowns yesterday.”