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Baker Mayfield Walks Out On Media Availability After Heated Exchange

One sophomore quarterback is seeing ghosts and the other sophomore quarterback is walking out on the media only to jump on Twitter to voice his frustrations.

During media availability, Baker Mayfield attempted to explain what happened during a drive against the New England Patriots on Sunday and a media member cut him off to interject. Mayfield wasn't pleased. The follow-up question wasn't any better as Mayfield said it was the 'Dumbest question you could ask.'

Baker Mayfield is clearly a player who believed his Cleveland Browns should be in much better shape than they have been this season. Browns' record stands at 2-5 so it's not surprising if he has a little outburst. Even with the face-lift of talent they secured in the offseason, teams have exposed the Browns for being undisciplined, having an inadequate coach, and having a quarterback who is not living up to the hype, especially when you look at the number of turnovers he's collected this season.

Mayfield then took to twitter to voice his frustrations.

Colin Cowherd hammered down the point he's made about Baker Mayfield since the Browns quarterback was drafted.

Colin Cowherd: "Being an NFL franchise quarterback isn't just about 'Hey you're big and tall and can run and throw.' When the world is in chaos you're the unemotional grown-up in the room. I don't want you on twitter every day. I'm looking for a talented guy who is an adult...I was never built to like Baker Mayfield as a quarterback. I think he's smart, fun, polarizing and great for my business. But in college, never forget that in the police video, he did nothing wrong and he ran from cops. His instinct was immaturity and bad judgment. Throwing footballs at people during pregame...His instincts and snap judgment is poor...I'm not built to want Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, as quarterback. I don't like their judgement."

Listen to the full take below

aker Mayfield has no emotional Dicispline