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Fringe NFL Contenders You Should Buy Into, and Which Ones You Should Forget

Colin Cowherd: “We all know Green Bay is good, we all know New England is good, and we all know San Francisco is good, but there are still like 24 teams in the playoff race we don’t know whether they're real or fake. In honor of Halloween tomorrow, it’s time for ‘Trick or Treat?’ the NFL contenders edition." (Full Video Above)

Bills: “TRICK. They’re 24th in scoring and have not beaten a football team over .500 yet.”

Ravens: “TREAT. Can we start acknowledging that John Harbaugh is a world-class head coach? He's 10-6 career in the playoffs and has beaten Belichick twice in Foxboro. They lead the NFL in rushing, are they're a smart team with an identity.”

Steelers: “TRICK. They’re 28th in scoring. Stop trying to tell me that Mason Rudolph is the real deal. Two of their three wins are against winless teams; the Dolphins and Bengals.”

Browns:TRICK. They have the most turnovers and penalties in the NFL and they’re 28th in converting third downs.”

Colts: “TRICK. All their wins are by 7 points or less and they have real limitations. I know it’s fashionable to say that they don’t miss Andrew Luck, but they’re 22nd in passing offense and 18th in total offense with one of the top 3 offensive lines in the NFL.”

Texans:TREAT. They’re exceptional at quarterback and wide receiver and now have a running game. When their offensive line is healthy they’ve won every single game, and sacks are coming down.”

Raiders: “TRICK. This is a bad defense. They have no pass rush and can’t stop the pass either. They can’t beat good quarterbacks.”

Cowboys:TREAT. For all his limitations, Dak is 19-7 for his career in November and December. This defense is ranked 2nd in third down defense and gets YOUR offense off the field.”

Eagles: “TREAT. They’re getting healthier and the schedule will start to work in their favor. I love their coach and quarterback and they discovered their identity versus Buffalo.”

Vikings:TRICK. They’re 1-6 against playoff teams. They have the most penalty yards in the NFL and often beat themselves.”

Lions: “TRICK. Matt Patricia is a very good defensive coach but even with that they’re last in pass defense.”

Bears:TRICK. Matt Nagy is a brilliant coach, they have nice backs and receivers , and their defensive personnel is outstanding, but they’re 29th in total offense and Trubisky has 0 TDs in 4 of his 6 games.”

Seahawks: “TRICK. Pete Carroll is a great coach, but they have Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and a ‘Bunch of Guys’. They don’t have the defense to win big games.”

Rams: “TREAT. They have the best receiving corps in the league and the schedule now opens up for them. They’re finding their identity now and the offensive line is getting healthier. WATCH OUT for the Rams.”