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John Harbaugh is the Most Underrated Coach in the NFL

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Colin Cowherd: “Pro Football Focus rated John Harbaugh as their highest rated coach… Jim is the coaching rock star but John is the coaching ROCK. If you ask NFL GMs and college AD’s who they’d rather hire it wouldn’t be the rock star, it would be the rock, John Harbaugh. If I said there was a coach who was 10-6 in the playoffs, including two wins in Foxboro over Bill Belichick, AND has a Super Bowl, he’d a be top 3 coach in the league. Yet the media, and I’m to blame too, only talk about Belichick, Andy Reid, and Sean Payton. It’s because Harbaugh came in as a special teams coach. We say ‘BRILLIANT OFFENSIVE GURU ANDY REID’ or ‘BRILLIANT DEFENSIVE MIND BELICHICK/TOMLIN/PETE CARROLL.’ He’s a special teams guy with a really loud and successful brother, who doesn’t climb the corporate ladder – been in Baltimore for 12 years. It’s remarkable what he has done with Lamar Jackson. How many coaches in this league could have INSTANTLY changed the entire offense for him? We need to put Harbaugh in that elite class. What he’s done with Lamar Jackson is all-time stuff.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is the most underrated coach in the NFL, as Colin believes Harbaugh has always unfortunately been in his brother Jim’s shadow because of the Michigan head coach’s knack for snatching the headlines.

Colin admits that he and other mainstream media members alike only talk about guys like Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, Pate Carroll, Sean Payton, and Sean McVay because they’re ‘GURU’s on one side of the ball who have climbed the corporate ladder, whereas Harbaugh was a special teams coach who has spent all 12 of his head coaching seasons with the Ravens.

Check out the audio below as Colin details why Harbaugh’s 10-6 career playoff record coupled with his incredible relationship with raw talent extraordinaire Lamar Jackson make Harbaugh a Top 3 head coach in the NFL.

John Harbaugh is the Most Underrated Coach in the NFL