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Colin Cowherd Picks the Perfect Halloween Costume For Star NFL Quarterbacks

In honor of Halloween, Colin Cowherd picks the best costumes he would love to see some of the most notable quarterbacks in the league wear out tonight.

Tom Brady // Captain America: “He’s ageless, plays for the Patriots, and he might not be the most powerful quarterback but always seems to get the job done.”

Sam Darnold // Bubble Boy: “He missed three games for mono and needs all the protection he can get. This offensive line is atrocious and seems to be getting inexplicably worse this year.”

Deshaun Watson // Harry Potter: “Deshaun is a wizard who made magical plays at the very end of two games, one against the Raiders and one against the Chargers, to win games for the Texans. Much like Harry, this is a long-running series with book after book and movie after movie. Plus, he’s still a kid by NFL standards.”

Aaron Rodgers // Batman: “For years he was Superman at the party, but now he has a Robin; his defense and running game.”

Dak Prescott // Hawkeye: “Dak would be Hawkeye from The Avengers. We’re not sure that he’s very powerful but he’s surrounded by really talented people. Best offensive line in the NFL, best running back; but we know Dak doesn’t have any super powers.”

Baker Mayfield // Johnny Manziel: “Is this a cheap shot?? Neither are a franchise quarterback, neither are athletic enough to escape the pressure of the NFL, and they even look like each other.”