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Another Sister of Knicks Forward Reggie Bullock is Murdered in Baltimore

For the second time in five years, New York Knicks player Reggie Bullock lost a sister to violence. 22-year-old Keiosha Moore was shot in the chest on Monday (October 28) night and managed to walk to Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, where she was pronounced dead. Police do not know why she was shot and have no suspects in the case.

In 2014, Bullock's 26-year-old sister, Mia Henderson, was stabbed to death in an alley in West Baltimore. Police charged 46-year-old Shawn Oliver with her murder, but he was acquitted on all charges by a jury.

Bullock shared a photo of Keiosha on Instagram and said he was "broken" by her death.

"I never felt so BROKEN in my life! My 2 queens, my 2 that go super HARD FOR ME! Shit won't ever be the same, I wish I could've talked once last time that day. I failed as a brother to protect you from the harm of these streets. I FAILED TWICE, to be the TRUE BROTHERS KEEPER! "