Antonio Brown Posts Bank Account Picture Bragging About His $24M Balance

Antonio Brown: “No one sues someone who doesn’t have money! You see, money attracts the wrong people to come against you! Jealousy and envy is an incurable trait; it is reciprocal not donated! Beat the odds; laughing all the way to the bank! Hard work, talent, and believing in yourself, dreams do come true! AB the new Money Team! #Boomin #CallGod #AmCountUps #ABNewMoneyTeam #MoreThanAnAthlete #MoreThanAGame #Monster #WinOnAndOffTheField.”

Antonio Brown has had one of the most infamous falls from grace in sports history, as the former All-Pro wide receiver has essentially been exiled from the NFL because of an extended series of bizarre mishaps that ranged from laughably foolish to downright lawless.

The same guy who literally hired a PR firm to brainstorm ideas to sabotage his way off the Raiders, is now proving why he didn’t need any extra help banishing himself from the limelight of professional football.

Brown has now resorted to sideshow acts on Twitter and Instagram.

At first seeming contrite about the mistakes he’s made and even appearing to re-enroll in college at Central Michigan, Brown has used his social media accounts to take shots at current players, mock fans, demand teams to ‘call him’, and now is taking screenshots of his bank account to somehow show everyone why he’s the victim in all of this.

Brown made an Instagram post that he would later delete, that included a screenshot of his bank account and the gaudy balance that it contained, which was over $24 million.

Brown then dropped a caption that tried to explain that Brown's riches were causing people to ‘envy’ him, and said ‘money attracts the wrong people to come against you.’

Not only was Brown sued by his former trainer who alleges Brown raped her, but he was also sued by his former landlord for allegedly trashing his apartment, sued by a celebrity chef for an unpaid bill, and sued by his former personal trainer for never receiving payments.

Brown is currently filing a grievance against the Patriots and Raiders to recoup over $40 million in guarantees that both teams are attempting to void because of Brown’s reprehensible behavior.

Antonio Brown Posts Bank Account Picture Bragging About His $24M Balance

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