Gerrit Cole Acted Like an Elitist Crybaby After Houston Astros' Game 7 Loss

Ben Maller: “Are you going to buy or sell the authenticity of Gerrit Cole’s message to the Astros fans and organization? I’m going to SELL, I ain’t buying it. You have to be a pretty big rube to think this is legit. Cole acted like an elitist crybaby after Houston’s Game 7 loss. That was an all-time hissy fit. If the Astros won, Cole would have been a loquacious blabbermouth wearing all sorts of Astros memorabilia to document their championship. Since they came up short he acted like a douche, and now he’s Mr. Class Personified?? To me, this rings hollow. Cole essentially took his ball and went home and it was embarrassing.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Ben Maller blast Houston Astros ace Gerrit Cole after the Cy Young favorite made headlines for the way he acted moments after the Astros heart-breaking Game 7 World Series defeat to the Washington Nationals.

After Cole was controversially left out in the bullpen during the now-infamous 7th inning, it became pretty apparent that Cole’s absence from the game was one of the biggest blunders in World Series history.

After the game, Cole pettily wore a ‘Boras Corp’ logo hat, and told reporters that he is ‘not an employee of the team’, adding ‘I guess I’m a representative of myself.’

The insolent comments were obviously referring to Cole’s impending free agency, as the superstar 29-year-old represented by notorious big money agent Scott Boras will likely warrant the largest pitching contract in baseball history.

After taking a lot of heat from fans and pundits around the sport who thought the postgame stunt was in bad taste, Cole delivered a personal message on his Twitter account that tried to clarify that he wasn’t saying goodbye to the Astros.

Check out the audio below as Ben Maller details why he’s not buying the ‘apology’ from the sore loser diva pitcher.

Gerrit Cole Acted Like an Elitist Crybaby After Astros' Game 7 Loss